About Us

AgriSolar is one of Australia’s leading, most respected solar power companies, having installed over a Megawatt of solar, from residential and large commercial systems to solar farms.  We pride ourselves on delivering quality, high performance solar systems at a competitive price. 

You, our customers, are what the business is all about. We really want to help you reduce your power bills and your carbon footprint with solar power. That's why AgriSolar provides:

  • answers to all your questions
  • obligation free quotes
  • friendly, down-to-earth service
  • help with paperwork
  • affordable solar energy 

We have Government Approved BCSE accredited installers in nearly every major town, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that after the job is complete your installer is just down the road.

You need to know you are getting high quality products, the most efficient service and the best price. We're sure that AgriSolar can give you what you need, but we let YOU make the choice. That's why all our quotes are obligation free.

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