Solar power systems are an ideal investment for both small & large businesses, as electricity consumption is usually higher during working hours - the same time the sun is shining.  This allows a business to maximise the consumption of the electricity they generate and maximise the savings on their electricity bill.  Offsetting your electricity consumption with solar power will help to insulate your business from rising electricity costs, and is a smart way to reduce your business’s carbon footprint .

At AgriSolar we make it simple for your business to switch to cleaner, cheaper electricity.  Because every business is different, we carry out a free energy analysis and site inspection and will tailor a system of any size to satisfy both your electricity requirements and your budget.

For years we’ve been helping businesses such as cafes, motels, Services Clubs and large solar farms protect themselves from future price rises. 

While electricity prices have soared, solar prices have reduced dramatically.  Add in Renewable Energy Certificates, lower energy consumption and the fact that you don’t need storage (batteries), and the case for investing in solar is hard to ignore.


Albert Park Motel, Moree


AgriSolar is a proud member of the Clean Energy Council

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